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av, sv, The advertisements say it offers a complete lot of exciting features to tell apart: – بوابة مصر للإعلام والتعليم
الرئيسية / fitness singles app / The advertisements say it offers a complete lot of exciting features to tell apart:

The advertisements say it offers a complete lot of exciting features to tell apart:

The advertisements say it offers a complete lot of exciting features to tell apart:

  • Unlimited free communications.
  • Active social records linked to your profile.
  • Programs events in your town to meet up buddies and fans.
  • Gains appeal as a transsexual date software.

In adition to that it has these s that are weak

The software takes your Facebook web web page and produces a free account by itself to select your form of woman from numerous prospects.


Users 1.2 million
Popularity Gender that is 150,000/daily proportion
Geography United States Of America, European countries, Overseas
Account verification email, Twitter
Cellphone application iOS, Android os
Price $3.99 – $57.99
totally totally Free version basic features
Fraud danger low
Hookup chance ?? ? that is ? ?

Totally Free signing up, Jack’d professional for $9.99/M.

The LGBTQ application for folks who identify on fitness singles their own as men. All sorts of relations are welcome.


  • As much as five photos to upload.
  • Favorite list to not ever get chaps that are handsome.
  • Very nearly 50% of users are right here for buddies, perhaps perhaps perhaps not for relations or casual enjoyable.
  • The solution centers around individuals of color.


  • Negative reviews with lots of individuals claiming “the application deserves lower than a solitary celebrity. ”
  • The software is super buggy.
  • Some functions don’t just work at all.
  • To obtain a password, you will need to spend.
  • The viewers has a tendency to kiss this ongoing solution goodbye.

To become listed on its users global, you ought to spend only a full moment: pass the image test to show you’re not a device, drop some terms about your self, a pic, and chase your ideal.


Members 11 million
Popularity 11,000 Gender that is active/weekly proportion% men, 50% females
Geography United States Of America, European countries, Global
Account verification telephone number, Twitter
Cellphone application iOS, Android os
Price $8.99 – $79.98
complimentary variation main features
Fraud danger low
Hookup chance ?? ? that is ? ?

Totally Free features that are basic $ 24.99/M.

The aspiration with this woman-empowering software would be to make “to bee or otherwise not to bee (liked)? ” not only a concern.

Some perks are had by it:

  • Created for bee-lovers and guarantees to demonstrate them an user-friendly approach.
  • Immediate matching recommendations based on your loves.
  • Free messaging for everybody.
  • Re-match choice to interact with your partners that are expired.

This application has also its notes that are bitter

  • Mostly muggles around.
  • Just facebookers can make a profile.
  • Trans individuals leave mostly negative reviews.
  • The schedule on connections is a day to help keep you right here all day and all sorts of evening.

Trans-friendly dating apps act as a feminist solution with a great matching algorithm to join up via Twitter. You can search for some honey if you are a woman.


People 400,000
Popularity 80,000/weekly
Gender proportion LGBTQ+
Geography USA, European countries, Overseas
Account verification Twitter
Cellphone application iOS, Android
cost without any charge
Free variation free
Fraud danger low
Hookup chance ?? ? that is ? ?

Totally free without limitation.

Transgender friendly relationship apps could be free. A queer lovechild of bumble and Tinder for people who identify by themselves as men and desire to get men just.

Free transgender app that is dating its advantages:

  • Fast enrollment to have your matches hot with Facebook to give other people a viv

The matching design and algorithm are very nearly exactly like Tinder has. All that’s necessary is the Facebook. Gays say they truly are okay with it. Transgender individuals are very little in to the application.


Users 450,000
Popularity 150,000/daily
Gender proportion 60% men, 40% females
Geography United States Of America, European countries, Overseas
Account verification Facebook, telephone number
mobile phone application iOS, Android os
cost $24.99 – $119.99
Free variation primary features
Fraud danger low
Hookup chance ?????

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